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This book may not take you to a whole new world while reading, but is surely going to open your eyes to a world you are or were already in, and which you might have ignored, because you are busy following projects schedules, meeting timelines, handling escalations, achieving sales targets, managing teams, monitoring servers or running a business. This book is all about an individual's views about work life, about office, from a generic standpoint, hence would be relatable to all. The author has tried to create a picture of personalities, emotions, situations and even lifeless objects in an office with words; so that you can see and feel them. Listed next are names of some of the chapters from the book, to give you a broad idea about, what all this book has in store for you.


Chapter One

First day of First job


Chapter Two

Where breaks connect


Chapter Three

My new identity with an @


Chapter Four

Office Canteen - 'That one place familiar'


Chapter Five

Meeting Room - 'One Face, Many Stories'


Chapter Six

Appraisals - 'THE' time of the year


Chapter Seven

Leave Request - 'That difficult ask'


Chapter Eight

Workstation - 'That Personal, yet Office Space'

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Himanshu Saxena

I Himanshu Saxena, a kid born and brought up in Old Delhi, in a middle-class joint family which hails originally from Uttar Pradesh, with a mother who toggles between Haryanvi and Hindi, depending on which side of relatives she is talking to and married to a Punjabi wife, not so good at speaking Punjabi, but still true Punjabi at heart. So, with an influence of Delhi, UP, Haryana and Punjab, all coming together in a platter, please do expect a cocktail of flavours in writing. On the office front, started my career as a 'Jobless by destiny', since was one of those unlucky few from IT industry, who started their work life during the Year 2001 recession. Imagine a Software Engineer, out in the market, waiting to write lines of code, along with thousands of other Software Engineers and the same year the economy goes into a recession. It's a similar feeling that you get, when you are about to get into the pool and even make the jump, but the moment you are off the board, you realize that the water is being flushed out. I was truly struggling between 'No Hope' to 'Low Hope'. Yet, survived it!! Then got the first job as a Software developer in the year 2002. Post that, made few more job changes in the same domain of software development and moved to a Lead level. Thereafter, got a miraculous break as a project manager in a Techno-Commercial role with an unbelievable hike. Rare indeed, but did happened to me for sure! After that, started moving away from software development and towards Sales & Business, till I got the final role as a Business Head in 2013 and till May 2018, when I left it, to break the shackles of monotonous office routine and try my luck with innovation; to join the ever-expanding race of startups, each one trying to make their mark. And now, I am my own Boss, aiming to be the Boss of a large team soon and working towards it. Don't want to bore you with my work life but was important to share all these details, so that you can imagine the dish in making, looking at the ingredients. So, let's get going with the book now, so that both of us can do justice, I, to the long hours spent in writing this book and you, to the money spent. Once Again, Happy Reading!!

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  • "Simple and easy language that strikes an instant rapport between the book and the readers. The section of 'Food for Thought' which acts as a moral, summary and tip is definitely a novel idea."

    Swapna Peri
  • "The first look and we understood this book was 'something special' and we were not a fool thinking that. Author has beautifully explained the OFFice life in his own way. He has well experienced the OFFice life in different places at different levels and it can be easily observed while reading. A perfect weekend read for everyone, specially for working buddies."

    Criticspace Journals
  • "A change sometimes is essential. I changed my reading course for once, recently, and got my hands on something that's different - a book written by Himanshu Saxena - The ON Side of Office. This is a first-hand experience of being in professional life for about 16 years and now the author wants to share his professional experience with many others who are in.." Read Complete Review

    Active Readers
  • "The book has been a good experience as someone who goes to the office, I can relate to most of the points Himanshu has raised. I would love to recommend this book to many of my friends and colleagues." Read Complete Review

    Indian Book Critics
  • "A must read indeed!! This book is successful in making us think how each object/space/occasion in our office could really hold such significance in our life and help us to see the lighter or more realistic side of it which we generally ignore or to be honest, never had enough time to get into deeper analysis in office life."

  • "The book is very interesting and I admit to having read something like this for the first time. I am sure that it will be a good shift from reading regular fiction copies for many readers like me." Read Complete Review

    Egoistic Readers

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